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The sections that you may find on this page include FAQs and some How-To’s that may help navigating our website easier:

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Troubleshooting Login/Password Reset

There are areas within our site you can only access through logging in. If you have misplaced/forgotten your password please fill out this form below and we will get your profile reset. 

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How to Save Events to Calendar

1. Find an event you’d like to save to your calendar.

2. You will see an icon to the right of the events time. (As seen below)

3. Click the icon to save the event to your systems default calendar program.


How to Register Multiple Attendees for an Event

  1. Find an event you’d like to register multiple attendees for.
  2. Once on the registration page, select the number of tickets needed for all attendees and click “Register Now”

3. The next page will ask for your Personal Information to send you a confirmation email. It will also ask if you’d like to use this info for ALL attendees. If so check the box and you should see this information auto fill for all registrants.

4. If you would like each attendee to receive a confirmation email please fill out each spot of information with their unique credentials.

How to View Past Meetings

You can find a past meeting’s presentation and sometimes recording in a few different ways.

  1. Hover over the Members Center tab and select whichever committee’s Past Meeting Page you are looking for.
  2. Enter your password into the prompt window and scroll down to select a presentation or video from the right column.


  1. Hover over the Committee tab and select whichever you are interested in. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the View Past Meetings button.
  3. Enter you password into the prompt window and scroll down to select a presentation or video from the right column.

*Note that some presenters opt to not share their presentations or to not be recorded. NHA respects their privacy*


North Houston Association Adds Water Committee

North Houston Association Adds Water Committee

Dr. Spandana Tummuri, Ph.D., P.E.Sam Hinojosa, P.E., C.F.M.Shelley SerresThe North Houston Association (NHA) added a Water Committee for 2022, expanding its number of committees to four. “During our strategic planning process, the board and committee leadership...

Economic & Development Resources

The North Houston Association’s fundamental values of Connection, Influence, and Education guide our every action and we want to provide our membership with as many tools as we can to help them do the same. On this page you will find data, resources, and helpful information about our service area and the Greater North Houston region in regards to economic development and trends.

NHA Map App

*Under Construction*

Contains NHA’s top mobility projects along with other layers including:

  • FEMA Flood Zones
  • School Districts
  • Land Parcels
  • Legislative Districts
  • Roads & Highways
  • City Limits
  • County Boundaries
  • County Commissioner Precincts

Helpful Links & Community Partners

On our mission to connect our region we have made many valuable partners along the way. To say we wouldn’t be where we are today without them is an understatement. Check out this page to see just a few of the many organzations that have helped us make our mark.

Environment & Water Resources

Houston Stronger is a group of businesses from the entire region that have worked together to diligently come up with a $61.55 billion dollar flood control plan. This plan was passed during the 86th Legislative Session and encompasses 12 independent projects that will cover the entire Houston region and more.

Members Center

We want to make sure you get the most of your membership, so please visit this page for information any of the following:

  • Troubleshooting Login/Password Reset
  • How to Save Events to Calendar
  • How to Register Multiple Attendees
  • How to View Past Meetings