Goals & Objectives


The Committee seeks to accomplish the following:

• Connect government entities, agencies, community organizations and business representatives, with
the purpose of fostering continued communication about environmental and water topics.
• Influence environmental and water issues by advocating for measures that result in the protection and
improvement of the north Houston region.
• Educate North Houston Association (NHA) members about environmental opportunities and
regulations important to businesses and communities in the north Houston region, seeking out all
sides of environmental matters to better position the Association for informed and balanced


Advocate for Environmental Opportunities

• Connect relevant agencies and members through committee meetings for the purpose of discussing
key environmental and water topics.
• Influence agencies, legislators and other entities by authoring resolutions/letters, participating in
meetings and providing public comment on proposed environmental initiatives, regulations and
legislation as appropriate
• Educate and inform NHA members on environmental solutions and options by hosting timely special

Land Development

• Educate NHA members’ understanding of and advocate for Low Impact Development (LID), green
building and sustainable building/development
• Inform NHA members about the Quality Planned Development (QPD) designation, and encourage
them to apply for this program.

Water and Flood Control

• Educate members on relevant water opportunities including conservation, water reuse and recycling.
• Influence infrastructure improvements and solutions regarding flooding and drainage in the north
Houston region.
• Connect committee members with environmentally-focused community partners via monthly
committee meetings.
• Influence the continued development of greenways in north Harris and Montgomery counties.

Parks and Recreation

• Educate NHA members and the community about parks and recreation benefits by creating a visual
document that consolidates parks, greenways, trails, etc. for the NHA service area.
• Influence appropriate agencies for continued funding for park and landscape development.
• Advocate for continued development of the region’s bayou system as a recreational amenity, primarily
with trails.