Transportation & Mobility Resources

For the most recent plan click the image above and please see the chart below for the current status of projects.

LetterProjectStrategyAgency(ies)Current Status
AAldine Westfield (Riley Fuzzel Rd. To Jensen Dr.Complete 4-lane BlvdHarris Co. Pcts. 1 & 4 | City of HoustonRiley Fuzzel Rd. to FM 1960 is Complete (HCP4) | Aldine Mail Route to Pine Tree Drive is on COH CIP to acquire ROW in 2019. 
BElla Blvd @ KuykendahlConstruct Grade SeparationHC PCT 1Information Pending
CFM 1488 Magnolia Bypass from Business FM 1488-P to Proposed SH 249 (CDJ: 0523-07-002Construct 4-lane roadway on new locationTxDOTNot selected for funding in the H-GAC ’18 Call for Projects but in their Long-Range Plan. 
DFM 1960 @ Jones Rd.Construct Grade SeparationTxDOT / HC PCT 4Unfunded | HCP4 is currently not pursuing design or construction of a grade separation at this location due to ROW limitations and cost. 
EFM 1960 @ Stuebner Airline Rd.Construct Grade SeparationTxDOT / HC PCT 4Same as directly above
FGosling Rd. Bridge Across Spring CreekWiden Bridge to 4 LanesHC PCT 4 | MC PCT 3Harris Co. –  In study phase.  The project is scheduled to be bid in 2021. Preliminary study roadway and design work complete. 
GHardy Toll Road @ Beltway 8Construct Remaining DCsHCTRAIn Final Design. Construction Expected to begin 2020. 
H(1) Holzwarth Rd. Extension & (2) Springwoods Village Pkwy. ExtensionConstruct New Roads Extending Holzwarth to Sawmill Dr. and Springwoods Village Pkwy to SH 99HC PCT 4 | MC PCT 3H1 – Discussions b/t HCP4 and MCP3 are ongoing | H2 – from SH99 to East Mossy Oaks – Project will be pursued by HC Improvement District #18 in accordance with their Chapter 381 agreement with HC; 
II-45 from downtown Houston to ConroeImplement improvements including access, managed lanes & transitTxDOTPEL Underway | NHA currently stakeholder on project
JI-45 @ SH 99  – (1) CSJ: ?)  (2) CSJ: 3510-06-022; (3) CSJ: 3510-06-009(1) Construct two direct connectors (EB-NB; SB-WB) ; (2) Construct four direct connectors (WB-NB; WE-SB; SB-EB; NB-EB) ; (3) Construct four direct connectors (EB-SB; NB-WB)TxDOT(1) In 2045 Long Range Plan for FY 2025; (2) In 2045  Long Range Plan for FY 2030; (3) In 2045 Long Range Plan for FY 2040. 
KI 69 @ SH 99 – (1) CSJ: 3510-07-006; (2) CSJ: 3510-07-013(1) Construct four direct connectors (EB-SB; SB-WB); (2) Construct four direct connectors (WB-NB; WB-SB; SB-EB; NB-EB)TxDOT(1) In 2045 Long Range Plan for FY 2040; (2) In 2045 Long Range Plan for FY 2030
LKuykendahl Rd. @ Hufsmith-Kuykendahl Rd.Construct Grade SeparationHC PCT 4Unfunded – HCP4 is currently not pursuing the design or construction of a grade separation at this location due to cost. 
MOld Conroe Magnolia Rd. ExtensionConstruct New Road to Connect FM 1488 to Loop 336TxDOT | City of ConroeCoC has selected a consultant; Design underway. In 2019-22 STIP; Cat 7 STBG funding for FY 2022
NResearch Forest Dr. @ Grogan’s Mill Rd.Construct Grade SeparationTxDOT | MC RUD 1Information Pending
ORichey Rd. (Ella Blvd. to Veterans Memorial)Construct New RoadHC PCT 1Information Pending
PRobinson Rd.Widen to 4 Lanes & Realign over RR CrossingCity of Oak Ridge N | MC PCT 3NHA advocated for project to be included in TIP | Information Pending
QSH 249 @ SH 99Construct Remaining DCsHCTRA | TxDOTIn Final Design. Construction Expected to begin Spring 2020. 
RSH 105 (FM 149 to Grimes County) CSJ: 0338-02-032Widen from two to four lanes dividedTxDOTIn 2045 Long Range Plan for FY 2023. Being added to the new 2021 TIP, funded with Cat 2 METRO mobility funding
SSam Houston Tollway (SH 249 to I-45)Operational ImprovementsHCTRAInformation Pending

Other Significant Mobility Projects

The North Houston Highway Improvement Project 

The North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) began 17 years ago and is broken into 3 segments with the goal of alleviating congestion, keeping up with projected increases in population, and updating design elements and aging infrastructure. 

FM 1488 Access Management Study from I-45 to FM 149

NHA President, Marlisa Briggs, sits on the the Steering Committee for the FM 1488 Access Management Study. FM 1488 is a four-lane roadway with a continuous two-way left-turn lane in the middle of opposing lanes of traffic. The goal of access management is to reduce crashes and improve mobility by limiting conflict points and better planning how vehicles move through a corridor.



SUPPORT THE I-45 NORTH HOUSTON HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT (NHHIP) HERE   The Texas Transportation Commission is soliciting additional public comments to determine whether to continue funding the North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) and it's been...

Economic & Development Resources

The North Houston Association’s fundamental values of Connection, Influence, and Education guide our every action and we want to provide our membership with as many tools as we can to help them do the same. On this page you will find data, resources, and helpful information about our service area and the Greater North Houston region in regards to economic development and trends.

NHA Map App

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Contains NHA’s top mobility projects along with other layers including:

  • FEMA Flood Zones
  • School Districts
  • Land Parcels
  • Legislative Districts
  • Roads & Highways
  • City Limits
  • County Boundaries
  • County Commissioner Precincts

Helpful Links & Community Partners

On our mission to connect our region we have made many valuable partners along the way. To say we wouldn’t be where we are today without them is an understatement. Check out this page to see just a few of the many organzations that have helped us make our mark.

Environment & Water Resources

Houston Stronger is a group of businesses from the entire region that have worked together to diligently come up with a $61.55 billion dollar flood control plan. This plan was passed during the 86th Legislative Session and encompasses 12 independent projects that will cover the entire Houston region and more.

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