A letter from NHA Chairman, Michael H. Richmond: 

As Chairman of the North Houston Association, I am privileged to have the responsibility of setting the tone for the organization. During my two years as chairman, you can be sure that the major issues important to the members are discussed and a plan to accomplish these goals is developed and implemented. In order to make the best use of all our time, we must prioritize these issues and focus on those which will have the most significant affect on North Houston.

It is no secret that the image, education, continued infrastructural improvements, and quality of life of North Houston are at the top of my priority list. Currently, when someone is asked where North Houston is located, they respond by saying inside the Loop, The Champions/FM 1960 area, Humble, Kingwood or The Woodlands; it depends on one’s point of view. I would like to create a readily identifiable area which would be recognized whenever North Houston is discussed.

I will be working with the Association members to develop a strategy for creating this new image. In order to make this plan a success, the
entire community has to support its creation. I hope that the Association members will work with me to provide the feedback and support this endeavor will demand. Education is a major factor for companies considering relocation, in the elimination of drug use and crime, and for the general quality of an area. The Association will be working with the North Harris County College, University of Houston, and other interests to ensure that our area offers courses comparable to other areas. A long-term goal of the Association is to house a four-year college campus in the area. A positive indication of this need is the University of Houston North Houston Institute’s ever-increasing enrollment.

North Houston has seen tremendous mobility improvements over the past several years. In July of 1990, the North Houston Association will host the opening of the Sam Houston Tollway from U.S. 290 to Interstate 45. The completion of this roadway will improve access to and from the west side of Houston. In addition, the $20,000 grant from the Urban Mass Transportation Administration to undergo a suburban mobility study in North and West Houston will continue to identify the transportation needs of the community into the future.

In order to improve quality of life in North Houston, we will focus on issues such as flood control, park land acquisition, transportation, sign control, and beautification of the area. I encourage you to become involved or continue your involvement in these areas through the Association’s committees.
We have seen marked improvements in our area over the past decade. 1990 brings with it the challenges of the first year of the last decade in this century. I hope you will join me in meeting these challenges head on and continue to make North Houston the premier area for both living and working.