[Pictured from left are committee members David Parkhill, Brown & Root, Inc.. Bob Boozer. HNTB Corporation, Sen. Jon Lindsay, and Bob Jones, Jones & Carter, Inc.]

With the 1999 Legislative Session on the horizon, NHA President, Sen. Jon Lindsay, gave NHA’s Environment Committee the opportunity to preview and comment on legislation aimed at creating a regional water authority to manage water resources in north Houston. The committee will continue to have communication with Lindsay as the session begins.

The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) has asked NHA to assign a representative to its newly-formed “Ad Hoc Work Group” to address issues relating to its Regulatory Guidance Document for Implementation of Texas Water Quality Certification Rules. Alan Potok (immediate past chairman of the Environment Committee), Turner Collie & Braden, Inc., represents NHA on the group, and Alex Sutton, The Woodlands Operating Company, serves as the alternate.

At its September meeting, the committee received an update on landfill permits from Stephanie Bergeron, aide to Sen. Lindsay. She reported that the Senate Natural Resource Committee is meeting to discuss the draft recommendations for criteria for siting solid waste facilities in the Municipal Solid Waste Program. The Environment Committee continues to monitor the progress of Harris County’s draft Regulations for Development Projects. Once the regulations are released, the committee will make comment.