After nine months of research and work between the North Houston Association (NHA) und several transportation agencies, the association presented a factual document on the current status of the Grand Parkway to its membership. The document was distributed at NHA’s quarterly membership luncheon on July 8. Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Houston District Engineer. Gary’ Trietsch. Wesley Freise. executive director. Harris County Toll Road Authority, and Diane Schenke, executive director. Grand Parkway Association, spoke at the event.

A resolution allowing negotiatons to take place regarding the parkway is currently awaiting approval by TxDOT, according to Schenke.
“Nobody knows how long it will take to reach an agreement. Our goal is within the next six months,” said Trietsch. According to Schenke, the Grand Parkway Association’s board of directors has already approved the resolution. as has Harris County’s Commissioners Court.

Freise identified three issues that arc possible barriers to the parkway’s completion: funding, right-of-way acquisition and environmental constraints. He noted that the most difficult issue at this time is funding. The North Houston Association formed the Grand Parkway Committee following a request from Congressman Brady that the organization revisit the issue and investigate the possibility of the northern segments being completed.
“I would like to thank you for your hard work and contributions to the completion of the Grand Parkway,” said U.S. Representative Kevin Brady in a letter to the Association. “The North Houston Association…continues to be instrumental in moving the parkway from idea to reality.”

The purpose of the Grand Parkway Committee is to gain a better understanding of the constraining factors for implementing the Grand Parkway and to assist in educating the public on the need to support expanded infrastructure in north Houston. Committee cochairmen are Glenn Graham, Espey, Huston & Associates, and David Millikan, HNTB Corporation. The committee’s first step in reaching its goal was to meet with a number of transportation agencies and other appropriate specialists to gather information on the Grand Parkway. The Association then documented the factual information gleaned from these meetings to create a publication that includes project history, creation of the Grand Parkway Association, current alignment of the parkway, funding possibilities, environmental constraints, legislation and current status of the northern segments (F, G and H). The committee believes this development is essential in order to accommodate the tremendous growth the north Harris and south Montgomery Counties are experiencing.

Congressman Brady concurs with the committee in his letter to the Association: “As we see Houston become an even busier international trade corridor, we need roads and highways that provide a safe and efficient way for automobiles and trucks to travel.” “The Grand Parkway will provide much-needed congestion mitigation and increased mobility for Houston. Furthermore, it will provide an effective inter-modal link between our region’s interstates and highways, the Port of Houston and George Bush Intercontinental Airport,” he said. “I applaud the North Houston Association for continuing to provide support for the Grand Parkway and the region’s transportation needs. As your representative in Congress, I remain proud of your contributions and long-term vision that you provide to the entire region on this and other projects.”