The North Houston Association presented its annual awards to outstanding community leaders at the Annual Awards Luncheon in February at the Wyndham Hotel – Greenspoint. Former District 8 Congressman Jack Fields addressed the association’s membership at the event, and was the recipient of NHA’s 1996 North Star Award. Fields told anecdotes of his numerous memorable experiences in the legislature and reflected on lessons learned.

“For 16 years it was the greatest honor to serve all of you in the United States government,” he said. “I would not give anything for the experience.”
The North Houston Association awarded its 1996 Compass Award to Jack Drake, president and general manager of the Greater Greenspoint Management District, for his positive impact in the Greenspoint area.

Along with other Greenspoint community leaders, Drake created the management district and continues to oversee its direction and mission. The association presented a new award this year – the Environmental Impact Award. This award is given to a company that has made a significant contribution to the improvement of the area’s environment. Compaq Computer Corporation was the recipient of this new award for its numerous environmental improvement efforts.

Compaq has testified before Congress regarding the Clean Air Act and its amendments, implemented an aggressive telecommuting program and has been an instigator of the creation of scenic districts in north Houston.