It’s essential that we plan for our future; that we ensure carefully planned growth in a high- quality commercial and residential environment in the Greenspoint area. This is the goal of the members of the creation steering committee for the Greenspoint Area Management District (GAMD), who are exploring the feasibility of creating the district.

“Our purpose is to represent the interest of those who own property, live and work in the Greenspoint area,” stated Jack Drake, GAMD’s Creation Manager.
Whether it be improvements in security, landscaping, traffic flow, or promotion of economic development or the Arts, the GAMD would serve to coordinate the enhancement of support services, improvements, and amenities that make our community more prosperous and liveable.

Costs for improvements are borne by the land owners of the area. There are over a billion dollars inland and improvements within the boundaries of the proposed district, and the steering committee has received strong support from area property owners for protecting their investments and promoting their desires for a vibrant, expanding community that realizes its full potential and continues to be one of the outstanding business and employment centers of the nation.