The newly-created Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has now completed consolidation of half of the 28 employment and job training programs which were previously spread throughout a number of stale government agencies.

Under H.B. 1863. the TWC will consolidate employment and job training programs in two blocks, half in March and half in June. Among the programs in the initial March transfer arc the Job Training Partnership Act from the Texas Department of Commerce, the Apprenticeship Training. Veteran’s education Certification and Proprietary Schools Programs from the Texas Education Agency and the National and Community Services Program from the General Services Commission.

In June, all programs of the Texas Employment Commission move to the TWC. including the Employment Service and Unemployment Insurance, Project RIO. Communities in Schools, Payday and Child Labor Law. Also transferring in June from the Texas Depart Employment and Training and Child Care Services. This Senior Texas Employment Program from the Department of Aging and the State Occupational Information Coordinating Council also move to the TWC in June.
The target deadline for complete consolidation is July 1, 1996; to date, the TWC’s consolidation is on schedule. One requirement of the bill is the formation of local workforce boards, These boards will have a minimum of 25 members, with the majority of each board and the chairman representing the private sector. Community-based organizations, load elected officials, local education agencies and organized labor will also be represented.

The local boards will plan, oversee and evaluate the quality of the training and employment services in a local area. They will also be the single point of contact for local business with specific worker or training needs. “The local boards are vital to the success of the state’s programs,” said TWO Executive Director Kon Kapche. “I have received the application for the Houston-Galveston area’s board of directors. which is currently being processed,”
Among the names submitted to the TWO for inclusion on the Houston- Galveston area’s hoard arc Ray Laughter. North Harris Montgomery Community College District, Karen Moore, Compaq Computer Corporation, Barry Beasley, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and Tom Stinson, Director Conroe Economic Development Council.

“The formation of local workforce boards will help ensure that local jot training and employment programs an matched to local jobs.” said TWC Chairman Bill Hammond “We want job training to be handled from the grassroot: up. not from Washington or Austin down.” The TWC says that future pro grams will provide “career centers” for job training mid employment service for Texans seeking more work and employer seeking workers.