A grant of $200,000 has been received jointly by the North Houston Association and the West Houston Association from the Urban Mass Transportation Administration. The grant was awarded to enable both organizations to study the work destination routes of its residents. According to David Hightower of the Wolff Companies, chairman of the Transportation Committee, the two groups have decided to hire one consultant to assemble and review the database.

To assist the as-yet-unnamed consultant, members of the Transportation Committee of both Associations will be attempting to gather work-trip data from the major employers in the region. It was decided that, because of the sensitivity of the information required (home addresses, etc.), a survey of employees in this area may be an appropriate alternative approach. Members of the committee will be meeting with major employers in the activity centers to begin collecting the necessary data.

The database, when completed, will allow the consultant to project in greater depth the mobility needs of both areas. Based on the study, an evaluation of current and future improvements will be made and a priority list of projects suggested. It is also hoped that the findings will serve as a pilot program which will generate another project down the road. The final report is expected to be ready by the end of 1990.