Texas is experiencing a huge influx of people daily, nearly 1,300, and the North Houston region is feeling heavily impacted by these relocations. The North Houston Association held a breakfast on March 20th, 2024 titled Managing Explosive Growth with Quality Development and featured NewQuest’s Austin Alvis, Caldwell Companies’ Peter Barnhart, Vogler & Spencer Engineering’s Taylor Reed, P.E. and Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA)’s Matthew Reibenstein as moderator. 

The panelists expertly navigated questions regarding the issues developers are facing when it comes to supply chain disruptions, much like they are currently seeing with transformers. They also broached topics like higher interest rates, financing with VCs or private equity firms, and how environmental regulations are affecting their ability to speed up a project. As many have made clear, no industry has been spared from the rising needs for workforce development. Whether you look from the engineering, design or construction side adequate skilled labor is getting harder to find, while the urgency continues to increase. Some of our panelist shared that changing expectations and workplace demands have also played a part in the growing chasm between employers and employees. 

Several of the responses from our panelists emphasized the shared belief that along with the increase in population comes the necessity for continued investment in infrastructure and long-term planning. More than ever water supply and the need to make sure every home receives water is at the top of mind for new developments.

Thank you to our four panelists for joining us and for sharing your expertise and strategies to build a better region with quality development for us the live, work and play in.