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40 Years of the North Houston Association

The North Houston Association (NHA) celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022! Numerous accomplishments have emerged throughout its four decades of history within the region it represents - north Harris County and Montgomery County and here is the full story told by those who lived it.

NHA Timeline

2020 Annual Membership Luncheon with Congressman Dan Crenshaw

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NHA January Luncheon – A Talk with TxDOT

Our January 31st Luncheon featured a Talk with the Texas Department of Transportation’s Transportation Commissioner, Laura Ryan. Our Moderator Harris County Pct. 3 Commissioner, Tom Ramsey lead a Q&A with our speaker as they discussed the topics of safety and TxDOT’s #EndTheStreak campaign, the North Houston Highway Improvement Project and…
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March 9th Strategic Mobility Plan Reception
March 9th Strategic Mobility Plan Reception

The 2022 Strategic Mobility Plan was unveiled at a reception held on March 9th at the CityPlace Marriott in Springwoods Village. The Strategic Mobility Plan project began last summer with NHA Staff and dedicated Co-Chairs gathering with local agencies and entities to discuss and identify regional mobility projects in the…
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