North Houston Association’s Board in Support of August 25th Bond Election


Houston – July 20, 2018 – The North Houston Association’s (NHA) board of directors is officially endorsing the upcoming August 25 Harris County bond referendum, which could result in $2.5 billion in bonds for flood risk reduction projects throughout the county.


“This is an opportunity for Harris County citizens to make their mark for a real, tangible move forward with regard to flood control,” said NHA Chairman Darrin Willer. “The rest of the country, and the world really, is paying attention to see if we are serious about improving our infrastructure. The outcome of this election will send a message to current and future residents of the region, as well as to businesses and industries that are considering making Houston home.”


Harris County Flood Control District is currently hosting community meetings throughout the county to answer questions and gather input from the public. Currently, there are about 150 potential projects that are candidates for bond funding, should voters pass the referendum. The community meeting schedule and the project list may be found at


If the referendum passes, the average homeowner’s property tax bill will increase by less than $5 per year and will gradually increase to an estimated $50 per year in ten to fifteen years. Most homeowners 65 and older will not see any increase in their property taxes, because in Harris County, senior citizens pay no property taxes on the first $200,000 of their home.


“Voter apathy is our enemy here. Many people were taken by surprise during Hurricane Harvey because they had never experienced flooding. It’s impossible to predict how much rain will fall, where it will fall and for how long. Mother nature’s tricky that way. Just because you’ve never flooded doesn’t mean you never will. As a county, we must invest now in the entire system to best protect against future damage,” said NHA President Jon Lindsay.


Early voting begins August 8, and all early voting locations will be open. To find specific locations, visit


The North Houston Association is a non-profit organization that identifies, advocates, and supports initiatives which advance the business environment and improve the quality of life in north Harris and Montgomery counties.

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