NHA Releases 2018 Strategic Mobility Plan

View the 2018 Strategic Mobility Plan

The North Houston Association has released its 2018 mobility projects for the north Houston region, with 19 key improvements on the list. The organization’s Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP) was unveiled at a January 31st event with a new look and new approach.

“Instead of asking agencies, cities and counties to come to us, we went to them to ask their most pressing mobility needs,” said SMP Task Force Chair John Dean, senior program manager, CP&Y, Inc. “The second change we made was limiting projects to those either in need of financial support or advocacy.”

NHA’s SMP Task Force met with about twenty groups, including a number of Harris and Montgomery County Commissioners and agency heads. In total, more than 70 projects were gathered, and members of the task force then worked to rank all identified projects by their expected impact on: mobility, safety, economic development impact and achievability.

“Now that the process is complete, the SMP will be presented to agencies and legislators in order to inform them of NHA’s top projects for the region. Our ongoing goal is to track the progress of these top 19, and to advocate for their completion. This will be accomplished primarily through NHA’s staff,  Transportation Committee members, and the board of directors,” said Marlisa Briggs, executive director.

In addition to task force members, sponsors are key to a project of this importance:

Brochure Design:




Project Map Creation:




SMP Sponsor Companies:

















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