Environment Committee Goals & Objectives

2017 Goals

  • Notify NHA members of environmental issues and regulations important to north Houston, Montgomery County and surrounding areas
  • Identify and back measures to implement appropriate strategies that improve north Houston, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas
  • Foster communication among government entities, resource agencies, and community and business interests
  • Ensure that the committee and its constituents receive different perspectives of an issue to provide balanced recommendations and decision-making
  • Participate in and support the Greens Bayou Coalition, the Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition, and other organizations identified by the committee

2017 Objectives

  1. Environmental Issues
    • Conduct special events; provide resolutions and letters; and participate in meetings with agencies, legislators or other entities, as appropriate.
    • Identify, monitor and comment (as necessary) on proposed local, state or federal agencies’ environmental initiatives, regulations and legislation.
  2. Land development
    • Enhance NHA’s membership’s understanding of, and advocate for, Low Impact Development, green building and sustainable building/development in collaboration with the Development Trends Committee.
  3. Air quality
    • Coordinate with the Houston-Galveston Area Council to provide updates on the State Implementation Plan (SIP).
  4. Water
    • Monitor and report on proposed water projects resulting from the State Water Implementation Fund.
    • Observe efforts by local/regional agencies to ensure a long-term, adequate, high-quality and economical water supply for the north Houston area.
    • Examine flood and drainage improvements and regulations by Harris County, Harris County Flood Control District, and other local agencies, cities, improvement districts and coalitions.