Development Trends Goals & Objectives

2017 Goals

  • Promote understanding of current and emerging trends that influence development and shape the future economy of the region
  • Promote economic development in the north Houston area through various meetings, forums and events
  • Promote area information through resources such as NHA’s 2015 Aerial Land Use Map
  • Ensure the committee receives information covering different perspectives of an issue to better position it for informed and balanced recommendations

2017 Objectives

  1. Focus on current and emerging trends related to:
    • Host two or more half-day forums or other special events such as tours, breakfasts, receptions or luncheons.
    • Host local expert presentations associated with development trends to educate NHA membership.
  2. Identify issues of development trends that present opportunities for NHA advocacy and support.
  3. Provide partnering opportunities with north Houston economic development groups.
  4. Expand NHA membership by offering participation in forums associated with various professions and industries.