Quality of Life

North Houston's forested beauty sets it apart from surrounding communities in the greater Houston area. Its natural amenities, including parks, lakes and ample green spaces, attract a mixture of residences, retail centers, employment opportunities, cultural activities, natural resources and recreational amenities. As employment centers have extended their reach to the north, the landscape has matured to accommodate a variety of land uses and activities that work together to provide a superior quality of life.  For a more detailed view of the area, the North Houston Association offers their Aerial Land Use Map.

This lifestyle is due in part to the area's ample space and undeveloped land, which allows for new growth and development. These physical benefits combine with the vision of north Houston's business leaders, political officials, civic leaders and developers to make north Houston an ideal environment for both residents and employers. The proactive style of community leaders, typified by members of the North Houston Association, is the catalyst to define community values and identify civic needs. These leaders frequently seek private support and work in tandem with public resources to implement the best solution for the north Houston community's needs.

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Natural Features

The most attractive qualities about north Houston are its natural resources and the degree to which they are being preserved and developed. The densely wooded areas in close proximity to recreational lakes offer residents unique living environments.  Lake Houston Wilderness Park, W.G. Jones State Forest , and Sam Houston National Forest offer wilderness trails, camp grounds and picnic facilities. Lake Conroe, Lake Houston , Lake Harrison , Grand Lake , and Lake Woodlands are located in the region.  Just 60 miles north is Lake Livingston, where sports fishing, boating, water skiing and sailing are popular activities. Many of the residential communities integrate hike and bike trails as recreational amenities.