Healthcare in the North Houston Region

Residents of the north Houston area can benefit from exceptional local healthcare found in full-service and specialty hospitals within this region. There are also numerous medical clinics as well as minor emergency clinics. These facilities ensure that residents will receive the excellent medical care they seek with close proximity to home

Medical complexes in north Houston have come to the forefront to complement Houston’s world-renowned downtown medical center to act as an extension of the Houston Medical Center’s expertise. Many of the physicians in north Houston area hospitals have been trained at our famed Texas Medical Center.


The Texas Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center started with a dream to create a medical center, where people from all walks of life could have access to the best health care anywhere - whether they were rich, poor, famous, alone, young, or old.  Sixty years since that dream originated, it has been realized many times over. The 49 institutions of the Texas Medical Center each exist to serve all of mankind. On any given day, one can find people from every social circumstance and many of the world's nations seeking treatment at the center's renowned institutions.

Many TMC institutions are working to make the Texas Medical Center quality of care convenient to even more people by placing clinics, offices, and other facilities in neighborhoods throughout Houston and the surrounding communities, and even in other parts of Texas and the world.

 All of the institutions of the Texas Medical Center are not-for-profit, and are dedicated to the highest standards of patient care, research, and education. These institutions include 13 renowned hospitals and two specialty institutions, two medical schools, four nursing schools, and schools of dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and virtually all health-related careers. It is where one of the first, and still the largest, air ambulance service was created; a very successful inter-institutional transplant program was developed; and more heart surgeries are performed than anywhere else in the world.