D Willer 2015

A Message from the Chairman - Darrin Willer PE, HNTB

D Willer 2015

As Chairman of the Board for North Houston Association, I urge you to get involved in this well-established dynamic organization.  You and your company will benefit immensely from membership by gaining insight on current key regional issues, having opportunities to build alliances with regional agencies, and meeting key decision makers.  North Houston Association’s work enhances the area’s overall quality of life related to transportation, the environment, and economic development as well as business opportunities.

Members of Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition (GBCC) and Transportation Advocacy Group (TAG).

Quality Planned Development Seal


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The Quality Planned Development (QPD) seal presented by the West Houston Association and the North Houston Association signifies that a master-planned community or commercial or retail center has met the stringent mandates of superior development found in the trendsetting quality living and working communities in Greater West or North Houston. Developers will find value in holding the QPD designation, as the market has responded enthusiastically to those enterprises that have taken the extra steps to create vibrant, sustainable developments.

*Click on the logo to visit the website to review “Developments”, “Our Standards”, and “How To Apply” for all the details.*

Area Information

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North Houston's forested beauty sets it apart from surrounding communities in the greater Houston area. Its natural amenities, including parks, lakes and ample green spaces, attract a mixture of residences, retail centers, employment opportunities, cultural activities, natural resources and recreational amenities.

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